SPAWC 2024 takes place at Real Collegio, located in Piazza del Collegio, 13, 55100 Lucca (LU), Italy. This location is one of the excellent exhibition centres in the city of Lucca. The Royal College of Lucca boasts a history of over two hundred years and is based in what had been the ancient convent of the basilica of S. Frediano, whose origins date back to the 6th century. The complex of the Royal College, adjacent to the side nave of the basilica of S. Frediano and close to the city walls, is made up of the two large seventeenth-century cloisters and the more intimate enclosure of S. ta Caterina.

Conference Hall

The Venue provides a 350-seat conference hall, a series of spacious corridors and rooms for exhibitions and various types of initiatives.

The SPAWC 2024 sessions will be held in:

Sala del capitolo

Sala Multiuso

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